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Nature Walks: Tips on Getting Kids Outside from BirdSleuth


This is a ReBlog from the BirdSleuth site

Nature is my Medicine : Cornell Lab of Ornithology: BirdSleuth K-12.


Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate nature walks into the school day:

  • Take your students outside for brief walks as a midday break (and try doing some bird watching and identification along the way!)
  • From physics, to literature, to life science… use the environment within walking distance of your school to demonstrate concepts you’re covering in your curriculum
  • When the weather permits, find an outdoor spot in your schoolyard and hold class outside

In 2006, a group of educators, community leaders, and writers founded the Children and Nature Network with the goal of fostering vital connections between children and nature. The network’s website is full of resources, tips, and research on the subject of making nature a part of our children’s worlds. You can also use BirdSleuth resources to guide you as you connect your kids to nature through outdoor learning. Our Most Wanted Birdscurriculum emphasizes learning scientific concepts through outdoor, inquiry-based experiences. If you’re not looking for a full curriculum, consider our bird bingo and scavenger hunt cards. These fun and inexpensive resources are sure to get your students excited to spend time outdoors, and can be used again and again for years to come.

Need funding for your Nature and EE Programs ?

Environmental Education Crowdsourcing Platform to launch in November 2013 !

Many Nature Centers,schools and youth programs struggle to find the same investors and funding that Art,Heritage and Tech programs are able to secure.

We have a Great Need to get more kids to take a walk in a Forest,where their drinking water comes from and how to explore and learn in an outdoor classroom.

This year a company from the New England area WorthWild LLC  plans to launch a Platform to help get the funds needed to get more people outside. Here is a link to their blog page and FACEBOOK Page here.

Quote from the website

“WorthWild is a crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform that helps individuals and organizations get funds, volunteers and feedback for environmental initiatives. We focus on three areas: environmental education, conservation and environmental innovation.”

Crowdsourcing is a new way of raising funds for ventures and uses social media to find many smaller investors that have the same mission or goals as you.

I am very excited to see projects that I can get involved with and maybe find partners that help me get more people OUTSIDE ! Go to the website and sign up for updates and get involved !

Discover the Forest


Holding Class in the Wilderness

Originally posted on Conserve School Blog:

Yesterday and today, English and History students are spending the afternoon snowshoeing north into the Sylvania Wilderness in small groups. (Another graduate fellow and I are assisting teachers Jeff Rennicke and Michael Salat with this lesson so that we can have fewer students per instructor.) Armed with maps and compasses, each group set out for a different lake in the wilderness area, navigating through areas of forest with no trails. As a staff member, my job was to stand back and let the students lead the way! We took excerpts from two books with us to read and discuss in the woods. The first was a section of Into the Wild, the book students are currently reading in English class, that dealt with the idea of acceptable risk. The second, a section from Endurance, was part of the current history unit on Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctica expedition, and we…

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How close to nature are we?

The Nature Coach:

While this blog post is located in the UK, the subject is Nature and Children and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Originally posted on Outdoor Nation:

Back in January 2013, two reports were published examining three years’ data (March 2009 – February 2012) captured by the ongoing ‘Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment’ (MENE) survey.

Credit: Natural England/Paul Glendell

Child looking at heath spotted orchids, Devon

Commissioned by Natural England and English Heritage and carried out by TNS Global and King’s College London, the first report analyses visits to the natural environment by adults, taken with children: ‘MENE (2009-2012): Analysis of data related to visits with children’. With growing evidence demonstrating the benefits of childhood experiences in natural environments – and recent surveys showing that the vast majority of children are losing connection with their local green spaces – it is becoming increasingly important to develop a detailed understanding of how adults and children are making use of their local environment.

Some barriers to visiting green spaces are cited as:

  • Too busy at home
  • Too busy at…

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